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something that we could not have thought of. more with the nih director, dr. francis collins, on c-span's "q&a." >> coming up on c-span, "the communicators" speaks with robert mcdowell. that is followed by our series influence andes: image." later, a discussion on black history and culture. is the seniorwell republican on the federal communications commission's. i want to start with the topic of spectrum. robert kaplan was quoted yesterday as saying that he thinks that the current spectrum auction schedule is due to failure. there are two double open issues to work out. and because of that, there will not be enough interest of parties to participate in the auction. >> first, thank you for having me back. and what you are talking about is that congress passed a law last year. that was for broadband purposes. trying to analyze it for purposes of putting together what would quite literally be the most complex spectrum auction in history. i know that sounds like a hyperbole, but it is true. i have expressed caution. i am not doom and gloom, but cautious in terms of when that will happen and how
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1